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 Class teachers: Miss K Bartlett and Mrs B Waterhouse

Term 6 

A Window on The World

Project Web - A Window On The World

Project Letter - A Window to The World


Welcome back to Term 6!  We are really excited that we will be seeing the Year 1 children soon and hope that our term will run as smoothly as possible under the circumstances. We will continue to post work for Year 2 children on our class web page and look forward to seeing the Year 2 work on Seesaw as before. 

Please can we remind you that we cannot operate our usual "open door" policy at present, but that we are very happy to answer questions via email or phone.

Home Learning

We understand that this is an unsettling time and we hope having access to these ideas may help you create a sense of routine and support your child’s learning. Equally we are aware that people have caring commitments and that every family will be doing their best day by day and as such, not every activity may be completed.


If you would like to use them at home our usual prayers can be found here: 

Morning Prayer 

Lunchtime Prayer 

End of the Day Prayer

Term 5

Friday 22nd May

Good Morning everyone! Well done, you have managed a whole term of home learning. We have missed you very much at school, but have been so proud of everything you have done this term. We have really enjoyed seeing all your work and listening you to read on SeeSaw. We hope that you have a relaxing break over half term.


If you have not already read to us this week, we would love to listen to you read. We don't mind if you choose a poem, non-fiction book or a story. Post it on SeeSaw so that we can see how fab you are getting! 



Today's phoneme is the sound er. There are different ways to spell the sound er, can you think of words that show these different ways? Or you can down load the sheet. can you use any in a sentence?

Friday Phonics Activity


Writing - If I had Wings - Poem

Yesterday you planned a poem imagining that you had wings. Today I would like you to write that poem. I have giving you a writing frame, you can choose how long your poem is. I am really looking forward to reading them!

Friday Writing Activity - Spicy

Friday Writing Activity - Medium



Can you guess my number? I have given you clues to work it out. Can you write or tell someone clues to guess your chose number?

Friday Maths Activity


RE/ Science/ Project

We have been thinking about Shakespeare this week. Shakespeare did not use a computer or a pencil or pen to write. He probably used a quill, a feather cut to a point at one end, and then dipped in ink! I think it would have been very tricky to write like this! You can have a go at making a paper quill with this template.

Friday Craft Activity


Our project next term is called "A Window on the World". We are going to be looking at different countries around the world. We would like you to find out about a country. It could be somewhere you have been on holiday, somewhere a family member was born or simply a country you are interested in. You can present it in any way that you fancy, as a poster, scrap book or leaflet for example. It could show  pictures, information, maps, recipes, costume etc all about this country. Upload it on to Seesaw so we can share it!

Half Term Project Activity


Thursday 21st May

Good morning! How is everyone today? I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine.



I have another reading comprehension for you. There are 3 different levels, so choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Read the story and answer the questions! It is about Captain Tom Moore, who has become a bit of a hero recently!

Thursday reading activity



Today's phoneme is the sound ure, can you read the story and find all the words that contain the sound ure? You could write some of your own sentences.

Thursday phonic activity



Poetry -  If I had Wings – Planning

Imagine you had wings. What would they look like? Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you see?

Plan your poem today, writing or drawing a picture to answer some of these questions. I have left some boxes blank for you to add your own ideas.

Thursday writing activity



Can you write all the pairs of numbers that add together to make 10? can you write number sentences for pairs of numbers that add together to make 20 or 100?

Thursday maths activity



Mrs Smith has made a video for you on SeeSaw, can you watch her and join in?


Wednesday 20th May

Thank you for your patience! Here is some work for you for today.


 This reading comprehension is about William Shakespeare. There a 3 to choose from, so choose the one you fancy and have a go at answering the questions!

Reading Comprehension



Today's phoneme is air, there are lots of ways to spell this sound! Have a go at the worksheet, and maybe write some sentences using some of the air words. 

Wednesday Phonic Activity



Have a look at this picture, who are these people? Where are they going? Who made the path? Imagine an adventure for these people. 

Wednesday Writing Activity



Can you use items around your house to build a 3D model? Take a photo of your model, and tell us the shapes you have used. Tell us the properties of those shapes. 

3D shape mat



Here are some sheets for you to colour and put in your window to celebrate some of the people in our community.

RE Wednesday

RE Wednesday 2


Tuesday 19th May

It has been lovely seeing all your work. You are all doing such a good job!


Today, can you read a book you really enjoy to someone else? Maybe you could read it over the phone to a family member in another household! Tell them about why you enjoy the story and what your favourite part is.



 Todays phoneme, is the sound ear . In this game, roll a dice, and whatever number you roll, read those words on the sheet! When you have read them all can you choose some to make into a sentence?

Tuesday Phonics Activity



Today we are learning about how and when to use exclamation marks. Exclamation marks are used to indicate strong feelings or a raised voice when you are writing. Can you write some sentences using an exclamtion mark? You can use the sheet or write them on paper. 

Tuesday Writing Activity



Can you add together the coins to see how much there is altogether? If you want you can try page 2 as well, and work out how much change is given. 

Tuesday Maths Activity


RE/ Science/ Project 

Pope Francis has asked us all to think about our communities this year. Who in your community would you like to thank? Can you draw a picture of those people, and write a prayer to thenk them? You could put this up in a window so people who walk by can see.

Tuesday RE Activity


Monday 18th May

Good morning everyone! Well done for all the work that you have been doing this term, we have been so excited to see your work, you are all making so much progress. Well done children and parents / carers! 



We loved seeing the unsual places you chose to read! I like reading in my hammock, it is very comfy and hidden away.

This week we are going to be thinking about poetry. Can you find a poem to read? You don't have to learn it by heart, just read it out loud to us. Record it on SeeSaw so that we can hear it too!



Today we are learning the sound oi / oy . Usually we find the spelling oi at the beginning or in the middle of a word and the spelling oy at the end of a word. You can print out the sheet or you can write your own words with oi or oy in and make them in to a sentence. 

Monday Phoncs Activity oi or oy



All your reading got me thinking about my favourite books. One of the things that I like best about books is the illustrations and front covers. Can you recreate the front cover of a book or illustrate it? You could draw it, dress up as it, pose you teddies as it, be as creative as you like! Send me a photo on SeeSaw to see if I can guess what your book is! Here are some ideas that I found.

Monday Writing Activity



100 Square Challenge! Can you fill in the missing numbers on the grid? Can you colour the even numbers in? Ask someone to listen to you counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. 

Monday Maths Activity


RE/ Science/ Project 

Can you keep a weather diary this week? You can fill in the one here, or you can make your own, upload it on to SeeSaw at the end of the week so we can see what the weather has been like where you live!

Weekly Weather Activity



Mr Rouse has made an activity for you too! Can you guess what sport he is playing? Can you make your own shadow pictures? Upload them on to SeeSaw so he can guess your sport!

Mr Rouse's PE Activity