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 Class teachers: Miss K Bartlett and Mrs B Waterhouse

Term 6 

A Window on The World

Project Web - A Window On The World

Project Letter - A Window to The World


Welcome back to Term 6!  We are really excited that we will be seeing the Year 1 children soon and hope that our term will run as smoothly as possible under the circumstances. We will continue to post work for Year 2 children on our class web page and look forward to seeing the Year 2 work on Seesaw as before. 

Please can we remind you that we cannot operate our usual "open door" policy at present, but that we are very happy to answer questions via email or phone.

Home Learning

We understand that this is an unsettling time and we hope having access to these ideas may help you create a sense of routine and support your child’s learning. Equally we are aware that people have caring commitments and that every family will be doing their best day by day and as such, not every activity may be completed.


If you would like to use them at home our usual prayers can be found here: 

Morning Prayer 

Lunchtime Prayer 

End of the Day Prayer

Term 6

Wednesday 15th July

Good morning, I hope you are all OK and ready for another fun day of activities!

Listen to the ‘Tale of Peter Rabbit’ by Beatrix Potter on this link:


Complete your spelling test from your spellings on Friday.

Once you have completed your test see if you can write all your spellings into sentences. Make sure you use capital letters, full stops and conjunctions in your sentences.


Yesterday we explored the poem ‘The sound keeper’. Your task was to go on a sound walk to note down all the wonderful sounds you could hear outside.

Today you are going to write your own part of the poem based on the sounds you heard and collected yesterday. You can use the original poem to help you but make sure you include your own sounds.

The Sound Keeper Poem


See If you can complete lots of different maths questions on this sheet. Challenge yourself by choosing 1, 2 or 3 stars. You have to use your mathematical skills to work out the answers.

Activity sheet

RE/ Science/ Project


Today we are going to be looking at plants and flowers. Go out into your garden or on a walk and go on a hunt and see how many plants and flowers you can see!

Now see if you can match the name to the plant or flower on this activity sheet.

 plant and flower hunt sheet

Activity sheet


Tuesday 14th July

Happy Tuesday!


Ask an adult to dictate these sentences to you.  Can you write them down remembering:

Cursive handwriting
Capital letters and full stops
Finger spaces
Your key word spelling

-The mug is full of hot tea.
-Ask your friend for some help.
-He has got one sister


Today we are going to be looking at another poem. The poem we are looking at today is called ‘The sound keeper’.

Your task today is to go on a sound walk and make a note of all the wonderful sounds you can hear. Can you hear the buzzing bees or the birds tweeting in the trees? When you get back from sound walk try and learn a section of the poem off by heart, you can make up actions too if it helps you!

The Sound Keeper Poem


In Maths today we are looking at Money and using coins. You have to work out what amounts of money can be made using different coins.

Coins Maths Investigation


RE/ Science/ Project

Today we are looking at the religion, Islam. 

Have a think what prayer means to you:

  • Where do you pray?
  • Why do you pray?
  • When do you pray?
  • What helps you to pray?

Watch this video to find out about Muslim Prayer.

Can you spot any similarities or differences between Muslim prayer and Catholic Prayer?

Your task today is to colour in the picture of a  Mosque and jot down what you learnt around the picture

Looking around a mosque photo powerpoint



Monday 13th July  

Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend and are feeling refreshed for the last week of home learning!



Listen to this famous actor read ‘Zombies don’t eat Vegetables’ by Jorge Lacera on this link:


Ask an adult to dictate these sentences to you.  Can you write them down remembering:

-Cursive handwriting
-Capital letters and full stops
-Finger spaces
-Your key word spelling

-Our house is near to the school.
-Put your socks on your feet!
-You need to pull the door harder.



Today in English we are going to be looking at poetry. What is Poetry? Have you ever read a poem before?

Today you are going to read a poem called ‘Roar!’ Your task today is to learn the poem off by heart, you can make up actions too!

We would love to see you perform the poem so it would be great to see it on Seesaw!



Today in maths we are going to be looking at our times tables. You are going to complete a 100 square counting investigation. You have to count in 2s, 5s and 10s and shade in the number you land on. Can you find a pattern?

Stretch it! See if you can do the same but counting in 3s!

100 Square Counting Investigation


RE/ Science/ Project


Today we are going to be creating a piece of music or dance from the country of Japan.
Watch this video of a traditional Japanese dance:

See if you can research what musical instruments they use in Japan and see if you can create your own!

We would love to see your music or dance on Seesaw! Have fun!


Friday 26th June

Well done for all of your hard work! We are all so impressed.


St John’s Sports Day

We have so enjoyed looking at your Sports Day photos and videos on Seesaw - thank you so much for sharing them with us.  

We had lots of fun with Year 1 today. Here are a few of our Sports Day photos.