Oldfield Lane, Bath, Avon, BA2 3NR

01225 303990



Acting Headteacher:  Mrs C Young cyoung@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Acting Deputy Headteacher:  Mr T Simmons tsimmons@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Acting Deputy Headteacher:  Mrs C Geeson  cgeeson@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Headteacher (on maternity leave): Mrs A Bennett abennett@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk 

Teaching Staff

Hedgehogs:      Miss E Holland    eholland@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Ducklings:         Mrs N Serjeant    nserjeant@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Owls:                 Mrs F Sanders and Mrs F Rosevere fsanders@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk  frosevere@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Dragonflies:     Miss F Grout     fgrout@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Kingfishers:      Mrs A Isaac and Mrs B Waterhouse  aisaac@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk; bwaterhouse@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Otters:              Mr T O'Neill         to'neill@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk 

Foxes:               Miss H Mosettig  hmosettig@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Badgers:          Miss R Harding  rharding@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Robins:             Mr J Buckle         jbuckle@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk 

Kestrels:           Mrs F Harding   fharding@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Blackbirds:       Mr T Simmons and Mrs C Coooper  tsimmons@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk ccooper@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Inclusion:          Mrs C Geeson   cgeeson@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

PE:                     Mr B Rouse        brouse@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Spanish:            Mrs B Dean        bdean@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Librarian:          Mrs S Ormes      sormes@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Music:                Mrs H Smith      hsmith@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Forest School:  Mr H Twist         htwist@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Reading:           Mrs E Kovalevsky   ekovalevsky@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk


Teaching Assistants:  S Brown;  E Clark;  A Collins; C Dyer;  C Gower; A Harrington-Rowsell; S Howard;  W Joyce;  C Lynott; L Massey; M O'Donnell; K Palmer; C Quinlan; S Simmons; S Taylor; R Davies; K Bates; L Bower; J Booth; S Frankum; A Harrington Roswell 

Support Staff

Office Manager:                        Mrs S Ayres sayres@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

School Finance Manager:        Mrs J Fleming jfleming@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Admin Assistant:                       Mrs S Whitemore swhitemore@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Site Manager:                            Mr K Gaisford kgaisford@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Kitchen Staff

Cook:    Sian Cook scook@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Kerrie Mardon kmardon@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Victoria Grey vgrey@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Tracey Miles, Tracy Budge, Margaret Dines, Gemma Ignatius and Lee Massey

All Teaching Assistants are lunchtime supervisors for 30 minutes everyday. 



To contact any Governor please ring the school office on 01225 303990