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Welcome to Hedgehog Class Page! We will post useful information here, such as project letters and links to learning resources. We will also share some of our great learning with you!

HOME LEARNING - Thursday 15th July

Here is the home learning for today. If you would like to, you can upload any completed work onto Tapestry.

Tomorrow, your learning will be back on Google Classroom and we will have a Live Phonics Meet at 10am. See you there!


Phonics –  

Starter – adult to write out these digraphs and trigraphs on separate pieces of paper (ai, ee, igh, oa, ow, or, er, oo, ear, air). Either use these cards for a digraph hunt or as flashcards.  

Add sound buttons and read the words ‘crab, milk, soft, plum’. Talk about how these words all have 4 sounds in them.  

Write short sentences with 4 letter words in them, ‘I will camp in a tent.’ ‘The sand is soft.’  

Write a sentence and draw a picture to match, ‘She is sitting on the bench.’ Remember that we practised spelling two syllable words yesterday! 


Maths –  

Play ‘one more’ catch. Adult to throw a teddy or soft toy to your child and say a number. Child to catch it and say the number one more than your number as they throw the teddy back to you. They must do this really fast! (Differentiate by choosing numbers appropriate for your child.)  


Impress your adults by showing them how you can count to 100 using this video!  



Handwriting; Funky finger challenge -

Follow the line - Adult to draw a spiral on a piece of paper. Children to use a highlighter or felt tip to follow the spiral around by ‘dotting’. Once they have ‘dotted’ along the spiral, they can cut it out. Practise holding the scissors correctly as they cut.  

Join in with this funky fingers video to strengthen your fingers ready for writing in phonics! 


Short RE - 

  • We have been learning about the Sacraments and what happens when a baby is Baptised.
  • We know that Baptism marks a person being welcomed into the family of God and having any mistakes that they have made washed away so they can make a fresh start as they follow Jesus’ footsteps.
  • We have also learnt about Jesus’ own Baptism. Jesus was baptised by his cousin, John the Baptist, in the River Jordan when he was a grown up.
  • Today we are going to focus on one of the main symbols of baptism – water.
  • Have a wonder at water's properties, using a large bowl of water:
  • Show how things change in different ways when they go underwater:
    • Some things just get wet but stay the same: put in a sponge / plastic toy and bring it out - when it dries it will not have changed.
    • Some things look changed but are really no different: Watch how a straw looks bent in water.
    • Some things are completely changed by the water: Drop in a fizzy tablet like a soluble Vitamin C tablet or show how a tissue breaks up in water.
  • John the Baptist knew that water itself doesn't change people on the inside but it could be a sign that they had changed.
  • During baptism water is poured over the person’s forehead 3 times. The water is used to show that the person has been washed cleanof any mistakes or bad choices they have made and can make a fresh start, following God.
  • Today we are going to think about how we can use water to wash away the things that we are not proud of and that we would like to say sorry for.
  • Children choose a stone and a felt tip pen. Take a few moments to think about the things that you would like to say sorry for. (Have you been mean to anyone? Have you left anyone out? Did you ignore someone when they needed help?)
  • Write one word on your stone or draw a symbol to represent the things you want to say sorry to God for and ask for God’s forgiveness.
  • Just as water washes away sins at Baptism, we are now going to use water to wash away the things that we have written on our stones.
  • Children to wash their stone in the bowl of water – they might need to give it a bit of a scrub!
  • Water is powerful and can destroy things in its path but it can also cleanse and bring new life.
  • Our stones are now washed clean and we can see that God has shared his love and forgiveness with us.
  • Remember that God is forgiving and will give us a fresh start no matter what because: nothing can separate us from his love (Romans 8:38)
  • End session with a prayer:
  • Dear God, Thank you for washing away our mistakes and giving us new life at Baptism. Help us to follow in the footsteps of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen


TenTen (PSHE) - 

(To follow shortly)

Term 6 Knowledge Planners

Please see the link for Term 6 Knowledge Planners. This is a useful guide on what your child’s prior knowledge should be for each unit and some of the key vocabulary, knowledge and skills they will gain during this term.

Term 5 Knowledge Planners

Please see the link for Term 5 Knowledge Planners. This is a useful guide on what your child’s prior knowledge should be for each unit and some of the key vocabulary, knowledge and skills they will gain during this term.

Home Learning

Phonics Information Session for Parents

Please check out our information videos on Tapestry, where we explain how we teach phonics at St John's and how you can support your child at home. Below are some useful information sheets for you to use at home.

Parents' Phonic Information PowerPoint

Handwriting patter

How to hold a pencil correctly

Sound mat and tricky word mat (the children start by learning the orange sounds and words)

Home Learning Help!

Here are some links to useful websites with activities for the children to complete to support their learning. There are also links to useful support and guidance for parents.

Guide to Dough Disco and recipe for playdough

Topmarks - maths and phonics games

Letters and Sounds - Phonics games

Maths information session - January 2020

A Parents Guide to Assessment


Hedgehogs have PE with Mr Rouse on a Thursday. Please can they come to school in their PE kit on this day. They can wear a pair of navy jogging bottoms instead of shorts, if you prefer. They will need to wear their school shoes and jumper with their PE kit, and keep a pair of daps in their PE bag in the cloakroom. 


Term 5 - Nature Detectives

Nature Detectives - Project Letter

Nature Detectives - Curriculum Overview

This term we will be exploring our outdoor area to see what nature we can find! We will watch our caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies and will also plant some beans. We will start the project with a whole school writing project based on the book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers.  

Term 4 - Journeys

Journeys - Project Letter

Journeys - Curriculum Overview

This term we will be finding out all about journeys and different types of transport. We will start by thinking of journeys close to home, and then move on to journeys around the world.  

We are really looking forward to welcoming all of the children back in to school this term and can't wait to see them!


Term 2 - Can you Build It?...Pirates!

Pirates - Project Letter

Pirates - Curriculum Overview

This term we will be finding out all about pirates. We started the term with a delivery from Pirate Pip. He is not feeling well and needs our help to look after his treasure chest whilst he recovers. The children are very excited about completing his pirate challenges, in the hopes that he might make them part of his pirate crew!


Term 1

We had lots of fun this term getting to know our knew friends and school. We hope you have enjoyed seeing what your child has got up to on Tapestry and in their first term books. Well done Hedgehogs for a brilliant start to your school life. 

We planted spring bulbs ready for the new year. 


We listened to lots of different stories and got involved with story role play.


Term 1 - Tell Me A Story

Tell Me a Story - Project Letter

Tell Me a Story - Curriculum Overview


The children in Hedgehogs class have made a great start to their first term at school! They are all settling in really well and making lots of friends. This term we are going to be enjoying lots of different stories as part of our project, 'Tell Me a Story'.