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Class teachers: Mrs Isaac and Mrs Traies




Mrs Isaac teaches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs Traies teaches Thursday and Friday.

Welcome to Term 5

Our topic this term is A Blank Canvas. Please see below for more information. 

Forest School is every Thursday and children will need to bring in wellies and waterproofs every week. Please ensure that all clothing and footwear is named.  

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Project Web Term 5

Project Letter Term 5

Plastic Pirates Costume List


Welcome to Term 4

Our topic this term is A Drop In The Ocean. Please see below for more information.

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This term, we have been working scientifically to compare how different things move. On our learning journey, we found we wanted to answer questions that arose, just like Sir Isaac Newton! This informed our choices of  tests to find out how far things move on different surfaces. We have been  busy  gathering and recording data to find answers to our questions and findings ways in which to prove how forces work. 

PE Dance Sessions

The children have been working hard this term to choreograph and perform two very different dances. The children have shown fantastic creativity and team work with Mrs Bower. We hope to find time to finish these next term. 

World Book Day 2022.

A huge thank you to all the parents and carers behind the scenes! The children's potato characters, costumes and enthusiasm for reading made us all smile.

Welcome to Term 3

Please find information below for what we are learning this term, days on which we have PE, etc., and any other information you might need.

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Term 3

Another busy, exciting term. From Lacrosse skills in PE, iPad Art in Project and a fantastic trip to We The Curious, the children have worked incredibly hard. We are also really looking forward to sharing our fantastic narratives with Key Stage 1 next week! 

Forces and Magnets

We have enjoyed exploring forces, using experiments to explore this and scientific language to explain our findings. We concluded our Science lessons with the children's very own magnetic force games. Their creativity and understanding of how it would work was amazing! 


Crack the Code! 

Otter's absolutely loved our Crack the Code visit. In fact, we had the fastest team in the whole of Key stage 2! 

All of the Otters displayed their Gem Powers, showing our visitors what great team players they are and how fantastic they are at solving problems. 



Term 2

What an exciting term we have all had! The children have been incredible  and have shown such resilience, during a long term. Thank you for continuing to support your children and we wish you a happy and healthy New Year! 


States of Matter 

The children enjoyed learning about states of matter and how reversible changes take place. Here the children investigated and measured how long chocolate takes to melt at different temperatures. Tempting and fascinating! 



The Water Cycle

The children are experts on the water cycle now and have used some incredible, scientific vocabulary to explain the processes and why they happen. The children's predictions, before our 'Cloud Experiment,' showed just how much they knew. Fantastic! 


'The Wellerman' on the Boomwhackers. 


The children learnt the folk song 'The Wellerman,' with Mrs Smith. It was brilliant! The children were fully engaged and showed great rhythm. 

Term 2 Homework Menu and Project information.

Attached is this term's homework menu and spellings, as well as our project web and letter for this term.

If you would like additional homework, we would recommend creative writing with a focus on punctuation, spelling, handwriting and exciting language.

You child will know which group they are in for spellings.

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Term 1 Homework Menu

Please read the Term 1 letter for more information on homework.

You child will know which group they are in for spellings.

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Term 1

What a fantastic start we have had!

Thank you to all of the children and their families for making us both feel so welcome. You should all feel so proud of what you have achieved, already, this year. Well done Otter Class! 

Here are some of the things we have been up to this term: - 


Class Assemblies:- 

The children continue to amaze us with their beautiful assemblies. They have worked hard to recognise the messages shared in their weekly Gospel readings and have presented wonderful presentations, with thoughtful missions and reflections. We can not wait to see your creations next term. 



Food Chains: - 

The children have showed great enthusiasm in all of our science topics this term. Please ask them to share the process of the digestive system with you. They are very good at it! Here are some pictures of them making their own food chains, choosing a producer and then consumers. Our longest food chain was 6 living things! We also thought about what would happen if one part of the food chain became extinct. We thought about these concern and what we could do to help. A big shout out to our Year 4 boys. Their knowledge was incredible and were very impressed. 



We have been exploring what it means to be in God's family. The children reflections based on the scriptures they read showed maturity, respect and a deeper, growing knowledge. Here are some pieces of art work they designed to represent what they think it means to be in God's family: -