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Class teacher: Mrs N Serjeant


Home Learning

We understand that this is an unsettling time and we hope having access to these ideas may help you create a sense of routine and support your child’s learning. Equally we are aware that people have caring commitments and that every family will be doing their best day by day and as such, not every activity may be completed. Please complete as many or as few as you would like. If you would like to share some of your child’s activities at home with us, we would love to see some observations uploaded onto Tapestry and will comment on as many of them as we can! If you would like to use them at home, some daily prayers can be found here: Morning Prayer Lunchtime Prayer End of the Day Prayer

Thank you so much for supporting the children with their online learning. The tasks being set will now stop for the two week ‘Easter Holiday’.  However, all the learning that has been set so far will remain on the class pages so that if there is any learning that you wish to continue over Easter then you can. 

Friday 3rd April


Use your reading book or a book from Oxford owl or one of your own books and see if you can find any of these words? He/she/we/me/be/you Which words do you spot the most? 


Phonics – Today we will practice the digraph ‘ar’


Collect 20 leaves from your garden or when you go on a short walk. Write 1-20, one on each leaf. Use a hole puncher or a pencil to make a hole in each and thread them onto a piece of string to make your very own number track! Make sure they are in order!

Other area of learning

In spring lots of animals have their babies. Find out the names of these baby animals: duck, pig, sheep, cow and horse. Can you find out some facts about them and write them down. Here's a sheet if you want to use it!

Thursday 2nd April


Choose your favourite book and a sound. E.g. The Gruffalo and b. Read the story and see how many words begin with b. Write them down. 


Look outside what can you see? Write about what you can see. E.g. I can see green trees in the garden.  Can you draw a picture to go with your writing. Challenge - How many different colours can you see? Can you write a few sentences about the different colours. 


Direction - Use cones/ cups outside to make an obstacle course to navigate through. Encourage children to describe their route whilst walking, skipping, hopping, cycling round it, using vocabulary such as turn left, right, straight on, forwards and backwards. They could also give instructions to adults or siblings telling them how to get to a certain place. Maybe have a prize or a treat at the end!

Other area of learning

RE - Stations of the cross. Look at the PowerPoint and think about the Easter story. what did Jesus have to do? Can you find something heavy and carry it from one end of your living room/garden to the other. Was it hard? How did it make you feel? How do you think Jesus felt carrying the cross?

Wednesday 1st April 


Tell a grown up the story of the Three Little Pigs. Remember to use different voices for the characters. You could even act it out together!


Phonics – Today we will practice the digraph ‘oo/oo’


2D shape challenges - 

Other area of learning

Try to grow some plants or flowers at home. You could try planting some seeds in a pot and put it by the windowsill. Remember to give your seeds some water each day! If you don't have any seeds can you look up how plants grow?

Tuesday 31st March


How quickly can you read these lists of words? Can you beat your time? Do you have any books that have these words in?


Write a postcard or a letter to somebody you haven't been able to see. You could tell them about what you have been up to at home! Before you start writing can you make a writers checklist? What do your sentences need to include? (full stops, finger spaces, capital letters etc.)


Length - Build 3 towers out of lego or bricks. Can you order them from shortest to longest. What do you notice? If you want you could measure them with a ruler.

Other area of learning

Make a list of all the technology you can find in your home. Talk to your adult about what they are used for.

Monday 30th March


Listen to the story, ‘Here comes Frankie'

Can you make a paper trumpet like Frankie's? What different noises can your trumpet make? What colours and smells would match those sounds?


Phonics –Today we will practice the digraph ‘oa’



Left and Right - Play simon says with left or right instructions e.g. Simon says put your left hand on your nose. To support your children remind them that they can make a ‘L’ on their left hand.

Other area of learning

Can you join in with this Cosmic Kids session? Which move did you find the hardest?

I'd love to see some of your movements uploaded onto Tapestry!

WEEKLY CHALLENGES: These are completely optional suggestions of activities that your children might enjoy doing!

  1. Explore the outdoors – make a potion using water and any natural materials you find. As an extension write a list of your ingredients!
  2. Make playdough and use sticks outside to build a model of a house/ an animal/ a person etc.
  3. Make an origami fish! Here are the instructions.
  4. Make a weather chart to show what the spring weather is like. You could cut out the symbols/ draw them and stick them on your chart each day or use this sheet!
  5. Using this picture from you choose act out some different professions.

Remember all the resources and extra links at the bottom of last weeks home learning!


Wow! Week One of Home Learning almost completed! Well done to all of you! Thank you to those who have uploaded observations onto Tapestry. It has been lovely to see what you are all getting up to at home. If you haven't uploaded an observation yet, why not try to do it today?!

Friday 26th March


Listen to the story, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Quiet!

Listen out for the rhyming words in the story. Can you tell an adult what happened in the story?

Be really quiet – what can you hear?


Phonics –Today we will practice the trigraph ‘igh’

Note for parents: a trigraph is three letters that make one sound.



One less – Sing the song ‘Ten in a Bed’.

Use 10 of your teddies to act out the song, finding ‘one less’ as another bear falls out of the bed.

Other area of learning

Can you find different ways to move around the room as these animals?

I'd love to see some of your movements uploaded onto Tapestry!


Thursday 26th March


How many digraphs can you see in these words? Can you copy them and add the sound buttons?

Note for parents: digraphs are two letters that make one sound. Sound buttons show how many sounds there are in a word, we use a dot for a single letter sound and a line for a digraph. The children know what these are!

Click here to see the answers!


What can you see under the sea?’ Write some sentences about the picture.

Remember to sound out carefully and put a finger space between each word!


Length – Draw around your foot and cut it out. Now measure the length of your sofa using your foot. Next, draw around an adult’s foot, cut it out and measure the sofa again. Will it take more or less feet to measure the sofa? Why?

Other area of learning

Find or draw a picture of a time that you went to the beach. Can you tell an adult about what you did there?


Wednesday 25th March


Choose your favourite story book. How many tricky words can you spot on the page? Read them to an adult. Use the tricky word mat in the resources section below to remind you of the words to look out for.


Phonics –Today we will practice the digraph ‘ee’



Number bonds to 10 – Find 10 leaves (or other objects). Split them between two circles and say the number sentence that you have made (e.g. 3 add 7 equals 10). How many different number bonds can you find?

Extra challenge: can you write your number sentences? (e.g. 3 + 7 = 10)

Note to parents: Number bonds are different ways to make the same answer. Some of the number bonds to 10 are… 1+9, 2+8, 3+7 etc

Other area of learning

Can you sing this underwater song

Make up a dance to go with it. If you are feeling brave, ask an adult to film you and upload it onto Tapestry for me to see!


Tuesday 24th March


Play ‘Buried Treasure’ on Phonics Play. Use the username: march20 and password: home. Choose Phase 3 and practise with words containing yesterday's digraph 'ai'.


Imagine that you find a magic shell. Draw a picture and write about what your wish would be. Remember to say your sentences out load before you write them and use the sound mat and tricky word mat to help you. 


Ordering numbers – ask an adult to hide the numbers to 20 around your room, house or garden. See if you can find all 20 and place them in order. You could ask someone to tell you a number to find. Can you remember what the number looks like and find it?

Other area of learning

Ask an adult to use this PowerPoint to remind you about what happened on Palm Sunday.  Next, make a palm leaf to wave. You can use this template or make your own.


Monday 23rd March


Ask an adult to read you their favourite story. Find a comfy space to cuddle up whilst you share the story together.


Phonics –Today we will practice the digraph ‘ai’



Number bonds to 5 – place 5 buttons (or other objects) in a bag. Ask an adult to take some buttons out of the bag and then you take the rest of the buttons out. Count how many buttons the adult has and how many you have. Say the number sentence. Try again, what other number bonds can you find?

Note to parents: the attached sheet has some guidance on questions to ask your child during this activity. 

Other area of learning

Have a look around your home and find two things that you think will float and two things that you think will sink. Ask an adult to help you test if you are right.


WEEKLY CHALLENGES: These are completely optional suggestions of activities that your children might enjoy doing!

  1. Make a den together - you only need a blanket and a chair. You could have a snack whilst in the den. Make it cosy with some cushions and a blanket. Share a story in the den.
  2. Play hoopla – turn a chair upside down, make hoops out of some cardboard and throw the hoops over the chair legs. You get a point for each leg.
  3. Use this recipe to make ‘Bear on Toast’!
  4. Play bubbles – go outside and blow some bubbles. Watch where they are flying and imagine where they might go. If you need to, you can make your own bubble mixture by following these instructions
  5. Follow these instructions to make a paper plate crab.

Resources to Help

Sound mat – use this to support your child with their writing. They have learnt all of the sounds on the mat.

Tricky word mat – use this to support your child with their writing. They have learnt the orange, purple and blue words so far this year.

Handwriting patter – use this to support your child with the correct cursive letter formation.

Book Band Bookmarks – use this to support your child with their reading. Use the colour band that your child is on.

Number track – use this to support your child with their maths. They can use it to recognise numbers, order numbers, find one more or less, add and subtract.

Hundred Square – use this to support your child with their maths. This is just a large number track cut up into rows of 10s!


Extra Activities and Online Resources


Read, read, read! – If nothing else, please read for at least 10 minutes every day. – Username: march20, Password: home. Choose Phase 2 or 3 in a game (e.g. Dragon’s Den and Buried Treasure) - Set up a free login and access e-books. You can choose the correct stage for your child based on their current reading book. – Website with videos of different children’s stories read aloud.

Alphablocks – Educational TV for when you need a few quiet moments! You can find several episodes on BBC iplayer.

Maths: - Choose ‘Whiteboard Resources’ or ‘Learning Activities’ and select ‘Foundation’ for EYFS activities. There are many games to support learning in maths and literacy. – We have added several more games to your child’s Abacus Active Learn Webpage.

Numberblocks – Educational TV for when you need a few quiet moments! You can find several episodes on BBC iplayer.

Keeping Active: – Yoga for kids videos. The children have used some in school and love them! – Access to lots of movement and mindfulness videos.  - complete Joe Wicks daily PE sessions at 9am - Easy to follow active learning videos. Choose KS1.

Other activity Ideas: – This is a website with hundreds of activities covering all subjects. For example, you can search for EYFS phonics, maths or craft activities based on your child’s individual interests. It is currently offering free access to parents. There are also help guides for parents. Feel free to explore! - This website has lots of songs to sing. Can the children make up a dance to go with the song? Or make a musical instrument to play along with it? - online RE resources and games




Dear Parent/Carers
Welcome to our dedicated class page! Whenever we have got anything we would like share - photographs, letters, exciting work we are doing - we'll put it on our page.

Home Learning Help!

Here are some links to useful websites with activities for the children to complete to support their learning. There are also links to useful support and guidance for parents.


A Parents Guide to Assessment

Parents Phonic Session

Topmarks - maths and phonics games

Letters and Sounds - Phonics games

Maths information session - January 2020


Welcome to Ducklings class! The children are settling into their first year at school really well and we are all very excited about the adventures we will have together this year!


This term, we will be finding out about 'Laudato Si', the letter from the Pope asking us to help to save the Common World. We will find out about life in the oceans and how we can help to stop the oceans from becoming polluted. 

Curriculum Overview - Laudato Si - Drop in the Ocean

Project Letter - Laudato Si - Drop in the Ocean


Happy New Year! This term we will be completing a range of challenges set by the Jolly Postman. He will be sending us codes to crack to reveal letters to characters from traditional tales. We will then be learning to tell these stories ourselves, as well as writing our very own stories.

Curriculum Overview - Crack the Code

Project Letter - Crack the Code

This week, the Jolly Postman sent us a parcel for the Three Little Pigs. We received a letter from the pigs asking for some help. They needed a new house and weren't sure what to build it out of. We decided to carry out a scientific experiment into which material would be best to build a house. We knew that the material needed to be strong so that it wouldn't get blown down by the wolf. After making some predictions, we built houses out of sticks, bricks and straws and then tested them by trying to blow them down with a hair dryer!

This term, we have been enjoying some Forest School sessions with Mr Twist, our Forest School Leader. We have explored our forest school area, built homes for creatures that we have found living there and played lots of games. We have particularly enjoyed playing in the stream! We also helped Mr Twist, and the volunteers from the Forest of Avon Trust, to plant some trees in our area. We look forward to watching them grow. 

In RE, we have been thinking about things that are precious to us. We brought in some precious items from home and shared them with our friends. We talked about why they are precious to us and how we take good care of them. We know that we are precious to God and that He takes care of us. 


Welcome to Term 2! This term we will be learning all about Space, before we start to prepare for Christmas. It is a very busy but exciting term, and we have already begun preparations for our EYFS and Key Stage 1 nativity!

Curriculum Overview - Space

Project Letter - Our World...and Beyond!

What an exciting term we have had! Our term started with a spaceship crash landing in our playground! There was a letter from an astronaut attached, explaining that he needed us to look after his spaceship whilst he went to fetch some parts to repair it. Whilst he was gone, we completed lots of activities to find out about life in space. As part of our project, we had a visit from a Space Dome. The big black dome looked a little scary at first, as it filled the school hall, but we crawled inside and it was amazing! We saw lots of stars projected onto the roof of the dome and we found out all about the night sky. 

We have been doing yoga during our PE lessons this term. We really enjoyed stretching up high like a rocket and used our yoga moves to tell a story about blasting into space. 

During RE this term, we have been finding out about how Jesus is 'the Light of the World.' We have been learning that He taught us to pray and have said the Lord's Prayer together. We used clay to make our own candle pots and put a little t-light inside. Each time we light our prayer candle at home, we will be reminded that Jesus is with us always, lighting our way.  


Welcome to your first term at school! Get ready to make lots of new friends, have fun and do some amazing learning!

Curriculum Overview - The History of me

Project Letter - The History of Me


Teddy Bears' Picnic!

To celebrate the end of our first term at school and all the fantastic learning that we have been doing, the children in Duckling and Hedgehog class held a Teddy Bears' Picnic. After writing invitations for their teddies, the children spent the morning making repeated pattern party hats (for themselves and their teddies), jam sandwiches and teddy bear paw print biscuits. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a game of musical statues before tucking into our picnic. We all had a lot of fun, especially the teddies!

Adventure Playground

We have had a lot of fun exploring our adventure playground. We have practised lots of moving and handling skills as we have balanced our way along the beams and found different ways to move around the course. 

Self Portraits

We have been painting self portraits. We used a mirror to look closely at our own features and check the colour of our eyes and hair. We then chose the matching colour of paint to help our pictures look just like us!