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Class teacher: Mrs N Serjeant


Dear Parent/Carers
Welcome to our dedicated class page! Whenever we have got anything we would like share - photographs, letters, exciting work we are doing - we'll put it on our page.

Home Learning Help!

Here are some links to useful websites with activities for the children to complete to support their learning. There are also links to useful support and guidance for parents.


A Parents Guide to Assessment

Parents Phonic Session

Topmarks - maths and phonics games

Letters and Sounds - Phonics games

Maths information session - January 2020


Welcome to Ducklings class! The children are settling into their first year at school really well and we are all very excited about the adventures we will have together this year!


Happy New Year! This term we will be completing a range of challenges set by the Jolly Postman. He will be sending us codes to crack to reveal letters to characters from traditional tales. We will then be learning to tell these stories ourselves, as well as writing our very own stories.

Curriculum Overview - Crack the Code

Project Letter - Crack the Code

This week, the Jolly Postman sent us a parcel for the Three Little Pigs. We received a letter from the pigs asking for some help. They needed a new house and weren't sure what to build it out of. We decided to carry out a scientific experiment into which material would be best to build a house. We knew that the material needed to be strong so that it wouldn't get blown down by the wolf. After making some predictions, we built houses out of sticks, bricks and straws and then tested them by trying to blow them down with a hair dryer!

This term, we have been enjoying some Forest School sessions with Mr Twist, our Forest School Leader. We have explored our forest school area, built homes for creatures that we have found living there and played lots of games. We have particularly enjoyed playing in the stream! We also helped Mr Twist, and the volunteers from the Forest of Avon Trust, to plant some trees in our area. We look forward to watching them grow. 

In RE, we have been thinking about things that are precious to us. We brought in some precious items from home and shared them with our friends. We talked about why they are precious to us and how we take good care of them. We know that we are precious to God and that He takes care of us. 


Welcome to Term 2! This term we will be learning all about Space, before we start to prepare for Christmas. It is a very busy but exciting term, and we have already begun preparations for our EYFS and Key Stage 1 nativity!

Curriculum Overview - Space

Project Letter - Our World...and Beyond!

What an exciting term we have had! Our term started with a spaceship crash landing in our playground! There was a letter from an astronaut attached, explaining that he needed us to look after his spaceship whilst he went to fetch some parts to repair it. Whilst he was gone, we completed lots of activities to find out about life in space. As part of our project, we had a visit from a Space Dome. The big black dome looked a little scary at first, as it filled the school hall, but we crawled inside and it was amazing! We saw lots of stars projected onto the roof of the dome and we found out all about the night sky. 

We have been doing yoga during our PE lessons this term. We really enjoyed stretching up high like a rocket and used our yoga moves to tell a story about blasting into space. 

During RE this term, we have been finding out about how Jesus is 'the Light of the World.' We have been learning that He taught us to pray and have said the Lord's Prayer together. We used clay to make our own candle pots and put a little t-light inside. Each time we light our prayer candle at home, we will be reminded that Jesus is with us always, lighting our way.  


Welcome to your first term at school! Get ready to make lots of new friends, have fun and do some amazing learning!

Curriculum Overview - The History of me

Project Letter - The History of Me


Teddy Bears' Picnic!

To celebrate the end of our first term at school and all the fantastic learning that we have been doing, the children in Duckling and Hedgehog class held a Teddy Bears' Picnic. After writing invitations for their teddies, the children spent the morning making repeated pattern party hats (for themselves and their teddies), jam sandwiches and teddy bear paw print biscuits. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a game of musical statues before tucking into our picnic. We all had a lot of fun, especially the teddies!

Adventure Playground

We have had a lot of fun exploring our adventure playground. We have practised lots of moving and handling skills as we have balanced our way along the beams and found different ways to move around the course. 

Self Portraits

We have been painting self portraits. We used a mirror to look closely at our own features and check the colour of our eyes and hair. We then chose the matching colour of paint to help our pictures look just like us!