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FGB Meetings



14th July 2020 - Extraordinary FGB

Due to Covid 19 restrictions the meeting was held using Zoom.

The meeting was held to discuss and agree the plans to reopen the school fully in September, in line with government guidelines.

The revised risk assessment and associated documents were discussed in detail.

After due consideration the FGB approved the plans to reopen the school.


7th July 2020

Due to Covid 19 restrictions the meeting was held using Zoom.

The FGB welcomed Cheryl Hughes as LA Governor designate, and Catrin Geeson staff representative, pending her taking on the position of staff governor in the next academic year.

The Head Teacher presented her report including an update on the partial opening of the school and the continuing provision of home education. Governor roles and responsibilities were discussed, and reports were presented from the Teaching Learning and Standards and Finance and Premises committees.

Initial plans for the full reopening of the school in September were discussed, along with the draft risk assessment. Key points of these plans were discussed and agreement reached on points including the appropriate ‘bubble’ size and arrangements for clubs and lettings, subject to guidance in place at the time.

The following policies were approved: Safeguarding, Relationship and Sex Education, Admissions



27th May 2020 - Extraordinary FGB

Due to Covid 19 restrictions the meeting was held using Zoom.

The meeting was held to discuss and agree the plans to reopen the school on 1st June for year’s R, 1 and 6 in line with government guidelines.

The BANES return to school checklist, the Return to School risk assessment and School Reopening Plan were all discussed in detail. The FGB also considered the office and kitchen risk assessments, lunch provision and the amended behaviour policy. The Head Teacher provided an update on arrangements for continuing to provide home learning for pupils not in school and provision for key worker and vulnerable children in school.

After due consideration the FGB approved the plans to reopen the school.



5th May 2020

Due to Covid 19 restrictions the meeting was held using Zoom.

The Head Teacher updated the FGB on the arrangements for home learning, provision of school meals to pupils at home and contact with pupils. The FGB were also updated on staff patterns of working at home and in school, and the arrangements for the small number of pupils in school.

Outline plans have been drawn up for reopening of school, pending government guidance

The safeguarding policy has been updated as required to take account of the current circumstances and this was approved. The FGB approved the budget for 2020-21, and approved the Pupil Premium spending plan. The potential redevelopment of the neighbouring Wansdyke business park was discussed and a preliminary response was agreed.

The leadership and staffing structure during the Head Teacher’s forthcoming maternity leave was discussed and agreed, along with plans to put this structure in place.


17th March 2020

The meeting was held prior to the government’s decision to close schools due to the Covid 19 outbreak.

The FGB welcomed Lizzie Creevy as clerk. The following policies and documents were approved: Staff Wellbeing policy, Continuity Plan, Science Policy, Safeguarding Audit. Schools Financial Value Standards submission. The Head Teacher’s report was received.

The majority of the meeting was then spent on plans regarding the Covid 19 outbreak, in response to guidelines in place on the day. The decisions made included the procedures whilst the school remained open, such as and increase in hand washing and suspension of collective worship and events involving parents. The staff to pupil ratios necessary to keep the school open in the event of staff illness or self isolation were agreed. Outline procedures were agreed for providing school work at home in the event of a school closure, along with expectations of staff and the core functions that are needed to continue.


3rd December 2019

The FGB welcome Cassie Reis as a parent governor, and Mike Summerfield as pending appointment as foundation governor.

The Head Teacher presented her report including progress against targets. In particular the introduction of ‘Gem Powers’ and attendance figures were discussed. Link governor roles were reviewed and updated and the FGB noted points from a number of link governor visits.

A report was received from the Finance and Premises committee regarding the budget position and maintenance priorities for the school building. An update was received on the Camino partnership, of which the Head Teacher is currently in role as the Chair. The admissions policy was approved in principle, to be ratified at a later date. The governors approved the risk assessment for the Skern trip


24th September 2019

In the first FGB meeting of the new academic year, governors welcomed Fr Christopher Whitehead to the governing body and re-elected Michele Tayler as Chair and Patrick Weaver as Vice Chair.

The Head Teacher presented her report and priorities for the forthcoming academic year were discussed, with the main new focus being on maths. The FGB approved the Standing Orders, Memorandum of Understanding, Terms of Reference and Governor Action plan, as well as reviewing and approving the land use agreement between the Diocese and the school regarding the new forest school area. Link governor roles going forward were discussed, the risk assessment for the forthcoming Kilve residential trip was approved and the following policies were approved: Health & Safety, Data Protection, SEN and school uniform

The FGB extended congratulations to the staff and Head Teacher for the result of the recent Diocesan RE inspection and thanked them and the relevant governors for their input into this.