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Religious Education

Subject Leader - Miss Rosie Harding

Link Governor - Mr Patrick Weaver

Curriculum Intent

Through our RE teaching at St. John's, we aim to:

  • To create a non-judgemental environment where children can explore and develop the concept of, and their relationship with, God.
  • To form and develop an independent mind in relation to moral and social issues.
  • To encourage self-reliance, self –discipline and self-respect.
  • To have respect of ways of life, opinions and ideas different from one’s own, including other cultures and religions.
  • To relate all the above to the Catholic ethos of the school, home and parish community.

Religious Education Curriculum

It is the policy of Bishop Declan of the Diocese of Clifton that the whole curriculum is designed to enable pupils to grow in every way to Christian maturity. We use a combination of Diocesan planning for mixed aged groups and the God Matters scheme. 

 The overall aim of our work is to lead each child to form a strong relationship with God through the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. We meet together as a whole school once a week, with Class Assemblies, Key Stage Assemblies and Hymn Practices being held on the other days. For more detail on this, see our RE policy in the policy section of the website.

Relationships and Sex Education

The program we use for Relationship and Sex Education Programme  is a scheme approved by the Diocese called Life to the Full by Ten:Ten .

You can read our RSE Policy in the policy section of the website.

Curriculum Coverage

As with all subjects, we work on a two year rolling programme, which ensures children cover all areas of the RE Curriculum across each phase. This is informed by the Diocese's advice and planning for mixed year groups, which sees teaching come fro altered Learning Objectives from alternative year groups to fit each year group in a phase. 

Our RE Curriculum incorporates Other Faith teaching on a termly basis, as well as Diocesan initiatives each year (or as they are rolled out).

RE coverage Year 1 and 2

RE coverage Year 3 and 4

RE coverage Year 5 and 6 

Camino Partnership

We work closely with the Camino Partnership in all areas of RE and Catholic Life.

Find out more about it here

Knowledge Planners

Knowledge planners by age group can be found below. In RE, we teach a rolling 2-year programme with specially designed outcomes for each year group.

Please note that not every module each term has a knowledge planner.

What's happening in RE?

Here is just a snapshot of some of the things that we have been doing over the past few years, including:
Pilgrimage to Glastonbury Tor, School Masses, Day of Many Colours, our Dare to Dream Day, Remembrance Service, Harvest Festival and our Year of Communion display.


In July 2018, Pope Francis read our letters! Please click on the link below to see more!!

CAFOD's Monica Conmee presented the letters from schoolchildren to Pope Francis


 We are very proud of our children and the work that they sent to Pope Francis!