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Term 2 Homework Menu and Project information.

Attached is this term's homework menu and spellings, as well as our project web and letter for this term.

If you would like additional homework, we would recommend creative writing with a focus on punctuation, spelling, handwriting and exciting language.

You child will know which group they are in for spellings.

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Term 1

We've had a very busy first term, here are some of the things we've been up to!

In English, we wrote a class poem about the sun, have a read below:

The shining sun is super fun,
If the sun is shining, I am smiling.
Like a flower in the sky,
The shining sun smiles.

Like a ball in the middle of the solar system,
The sun is a shining guide, running through the sky,
I was running with the sun,
Because the sun make my fun.

I love the sun, oh I do love the sun!
The sun makes my dreams come true.


Roman feast - We kicked off our Roman project with a Roman feast.

We tried bread and honey, dates, cold porridge (that Roman slaves would have eaten) and roasted vegetables! Luckily, we didn't have to try any of the exotic meat that Romans would have eaten, such as zebras, ostriches or lions!

In RE, we have been practicing the art of silent reflection.

This has really helped us to focus our thoughts and prayers and understand our learning, so much so that it's our favourite form of reflection now!

Here we are, reflecting on the important messages we learn from Jonah and the Whale and thinking about how we can be prophets in this day and age.

In Project, we rounded off our learning about Romans by making some Roman pots.

We worked hard to form their shape and make sure they were water-tight so that Romans could keep oil (or wine!) in them.

We enjoyed using old pencils to make markings and some of us even made handles and lids!

Welcome to a new year!

Please find information below for what we are learning this term, days on which we have PE, etc., and any other information you might need.

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Term 1 Homework Menu

Please read the Term 1 letter for more information on homework.

You child will know which group they are in for spellings.

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