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Shine, Celebrate and Grow!

Catholic Life

Our Mission Statement

St John’s Catholic Primary School is a learning community with a Catholic ethos founded on Gospel values.  During their time with us, we will work with every child and in partnership with their parents / carers to:

  • Love God, love one another, understand, value, and respect other faiths, and celebrate the common ground between us, and serve our community faithfully
  • Find a love of learning and grow a wealth of knowledge
  • Celebrate effort, progress and attainment – and never give up however hard the lesson
  • Find the opportunity to use our unique gifts and talents in the name of God and grow these gifts as part of our own personal development and for the good of others
  • Discover new friends, respect one another and celebrate difference in our school, community and world
  • Support the social, physical and mental well-being of each other and our community
  • Flourish, feel happy and secure at school and enabled to give their best, leaving the school ready for the next chapter of their life.


Gospel Reading for the week

While we are unable to gather together for collective worship, you can find the Gospel reading for the week here, along with a reflection and an activity. Don't forget that you can watch Mass live-streamed from many Parishes, including St. John the Evangelist Church, here.

Gospel: Matthew 13:1-9 

That same day Jesus left the house and went to the lakeside, where he sat down to teach. The crowd that gathered around him was so large that he got into a boat and sat in it, while the crowd stood on the shore. He used parables to tell them many things.

“Once there was a man who went out to sow corn. As he scattered the seed in the field, some of it fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some of it fell on rocky ground, where there was little soil. The seeds soon sprouted, because the soil wasn't deep. But when the sun came up, it burnt the young plants; and because the roots had not grown deep enough, the plants soon dried up. Some of the seed fell among thorn bushes, which grew up and choked the plants. But some seeds fell in good soil, and the plants produced corn; some produced 100 grains, others sixty, and others thirty.”

And Jesus concluded, “Listen, then, if you have ears!”



Jesus tells a story or parable about someone planting seeds in a field. He does not carefully place the seeds in the ground but scatters them around. The seeds all land in different places, some in good soil and some not. Can you remember all the places the seed lands and what happens to it? A few weeks ago when we were talking about Laudato Si’ we watched a video with children all around the world who were caring for the world. And lots of them were planting seeds to grow. Do you remember? We met Shoyon in Bangladesh, Davi in Brazil, Fabiano in Uganda, Alice in Withnell, Brigid’s family in Leeds, Cian in Congleton and the children of the eco-brigades in Peru. All these children know just how important it is to take care of their seeds. To make the ground ready, to make sure they have all that they need to grow. What do seeds need to grow? (Earth, water, light, food)


Some children plant seeds to grow food to eat. What other kinds of plants might grow from seeds? (Flowers, trees) Some children plant trees to help protect the forests. How do trees and forests help us? They are homes for the animals and the birds. And they help to keep the air that we breathe clean.


In today’s gospel reading which is all about planting seeds, Jesus goes on to explain his parable and exactly what it means. Can you remember any of what he said? The seed that falls on the path is like those people who hear what Jesus is saying but don’t really understand it or listen to it properly. The seed that falls on the rocks is like the person who hears what Jesus asks of us and starts off really excited about it, but who gives up following him as soon as it is difficult.


The seed that falls in the thorns is like someone who hears what Jesus says but concentrates too much on having the best things, the most money, rather than on being the person Jesus wants us to be. The seed that falls on the rich soil is like someone who hears what Jesus is asking, understands it, and lives their life as he asks them to.


So which one do you think we should try to be? How do you think you can be like the seed that falls on the rich soil? How do you listen to what Jesus is saying to you? How does Jesus ask us to live our lives and treat one another? What can you do to follow him?


This week, see if you can be like the seed that falls on the rich soil – listen to what Jesus asks of you, try to understand it and live your life as God calls you to.



Colour in this week's illustration and on the back to write or draw what you will do this week to make sure you are like the seed that falls in the rich soil – listening to God’s word and living their lives as God wants you to.


Discuss together as a family at home all that you have heard and thought about in the liturgy today.  Ask your child/ren in the coming week to see if they can be like the seed in the rich soil – listening to the word of God and living the way God wants us. Maybe you could also plant some seeds and take care of them to see what grows.


Plant seeds of hope in our world, by getting involved in CAFOD’s Summer of Hope to help raise money during the global coronavirus emergency. Find out more at:


Closing prayer: God of all, guide us as we listen to you, so that we may grow in faith and love. May we share that love with all people throughout the world. Amen.