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Catholic Social Teaching


What is Catholic Social Teaching?

Catholic social teaching (CST) is rooted in Scripture, formed by the wisdom of Church leaders, and influenced by the Catholic faith. It is the moral compass, guiding Catholics on how to live out their faith in the world. Jesus showed us how to be human and we look to His example of leadership as we strive to create His Kingdom on Earth.

You can click on the image below to see a short video explaining more about Catholic social teaching.


Catholic Social Teaching in practice 

As well as ongoing charity work throughout the year, see our charity page for more information, we encounter social teaching across the curriculum. 

During Advent the children learnt about Catholic Social Teaching. Each phase took a different aspect of social teaching. 

EYFS - Care for our common home

The children learnt about Laudato Si and the importance of looking after the world. They made their own bird feeders, to help the birds during the winter. 

Year 1/2 - Solidarity and the Common Good

The children thought about how they could ensure everyone was cared for and included. They chose to create Christmas cards for the elderly in care homes because they may not have anyone and it helps them. 

Year 3/4 - Option for the poor

The children considered what it might mean to be poor in spirit, as well as poor financially. They made Christmas cards and made a collection for Julian House (a local homeless charity).

Year 5/6 - Dignity of the human person

The children worked in groups and focused on specific aspects of human dignity including, the sacredness of life, questions to ask children and examples of saints who lived this out in their lives. This culminated in a group of children sharing their findings with the rest of the key stage.