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School Dinner

Term 1 2018 Menu

From September 2018 the cost of school dinners will drop to £2.50 per child for those in KS2

 Children must decide on their weekly meal pattern for the whole term in advance and this will remain in place for the whole term.  Changes will only be made in exceptional circumstances and no refunds will be made for meals already paid for. Payment can either be made termly or on the Monday of each week. If your child's dinner money account goes into debt by over £10, you will be sent a letter requesting the balance in full, a week later if we still haven't received the amount owing another reminder will be sent. PLEASE NOTE: The school now has to take on any outstanding lunch money debt which will have a detrimental affect on the school budget. 


Please pay via ParentPay. We do not accept cash or cheques at the school office.

For a copy of the latest menu click here or if you require a paper copy please contact the school office