With You Beside Me All Is Possible


Headteacher:     Mrs A Bennett abennett@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk 

Acting Deputy Headteachers:     Mrs O McDonagh and Miss N Pullen

Teaching Staff

Hedgehogs:       Mr J Hamilton jhamilton@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Ducklings:         Miss N Pullen  npullen@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Owls:                  Mrs F Sanders  and Mrs F Rosevere fsanders@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk and frosevere@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Dragonflies:      Miss H Mosettig hmosettig@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Kingfishers:      Ms L Atkin and Mrs B Waterhouse latkin@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk  and bwaterhouse@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk


3/4SH:                 Mrs S Hull shull@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

3/4JH:                  Mrs J Hayward jhayward@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

3/4PB:                 Mr P Barry pbarry@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

5/6 McDo/KA:    Mrs O McDonagh and Mrs K Adams orlamcdonagh@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk and kadams@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

5/6FH:                 Mrs F Harding  fharding@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

5/6CY:                 Mrs C Young     cyoung@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

SENCo:               Mrs C Donkor  cdonkor@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

PE:                      Mr B Rouse  brouse@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Music:                Mrs Stephanie Collishaw  scollishaw@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Spanish:            Mrs Belinda Dean  bdean@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk

Librarian:          Mrs S Ormes  sormes@stjohns.bathnes.sch.uk


Teaching Assistants: H Baker;  E Clark; C Crosby; C Dyer; C Gower; S Howard; M Janes; T Jenkins; W Joyce; R Miles;  M O'Donnell; L Owen; K Pentecost-White; S Simmons; T Stone; S Taylor; A Walker

Support Staff

Office Manager:     Mrs S Ayres

School Bursar:        Mrs J Fleming

Admin Assistant:    Mrs S Whitemore

Site manager:         Mr K Gaisford



To contact any Governor please ring the school office on 01225 303990