St. John's Catholic Primary School

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With You Beside Me All Is Possible

Religious Education

It is the policy of Bishop Declan of the Diocese of Clifton that the whole curriculum is designed to enable pupils to grow in every way to Christian maturity. The religious education programme 'God Matters' is followed throughout the school and we use Diocesan planning as well.

 The overall aim of our work is to lead each child to form a strong relationship with God through the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. We meet together as a whole school once a week, with Class Assemblies, Key Stage Assemblies and Hymn Practices being held on the other days.

Celebration Assemblies, where children are awarded certificates for a variety of reasons such as good work, good behaviour or being kind to others, are held once a week on each site. Parents are invited to take part in these Assemblies. Whole school Masses are celebrated regularly and on Holy Days of Obligation. 

Please see our Teaching and Learning Page for Curriculum Coverage in RE.

Relationships and Sex Education Programme

This year we are changing our Relationship and Sex Education Programme from 'In the Beginning' -   to one of the new schemes approved by the Diocese called Journey in Love.