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Our Approach to Teaching and Learning

We have a two year rolling programme which ensures a rich and engaging curriculum for our children. 

These are our themes for 2020 - 2021 


Term One- Tell me a Story!

Tell me a story is an English and History based unit, inspiring children's interest in a variety of texts  Each year group has a focus text or time in History that they will travel to. 

EYFS – Super Potato!

Yr 1/2 – Katie Morag, Handa’s Surprise, Tree

Yr 3/4 – Rock On! (Stone Age link)

Yr 5/6 – Link with WWII

This term the children will also all go to the Bath Literature Festival (this will be held virtually this year)

Term Two - Can we build it?

Can we build it? Is a DT focused unit allowing the children to combine design technology, practical skills and maths.

EYFS - Pirates

Yr 1/2 - Castles

Yr 3/4 – Iron Age Settlement

Yr 5/6 – Making models of the Kennet and Avon Canal 

Term Three - Let Me Entertain You!

Let Me Entertain You! Is a performance based unit where the children will develop their dance, acting and musical skills.  

EYFS – Circus Skills

Yr 1/2 – Dance Umbrella

Yr 3/4 – Invasion Historical Play

Yr 5/6 – Writing and performing Playscripts

Term Four - Global Learning

Global Learning is a Geography based unit where the children will find out more about the world they live in. We hope to be able to work with our new link school in Nairobi as part of this unit this year.   

EYFS – Local Area - Prayer Garden

Yr 1/2 –Local Area - St Alphege’s Church

Yr 3/4 – Europe - Pilgrimage

Yr 5/6 – Worldwide - Pilgrimage

Term Five -Nature Detectives!

Nature Detectives! is a Science unit building on and developing children's curiosity for the natural world.  

EYFS - Minibeasts

Yr 1/2 – Our World and Animal Habitats

Yr 3/4 - Nature

Yr 5/6 – The world around us

Term Six - Enterprise

Enterprise term is maths led and children work on money and maths in a real world context, culminating in our enterprise fair.   

EYFS – Seaside link

Yr 1/2 – Jobs People do

Yr 3/4 – Grow your pound!

Yr 5/6 – My Money


Our Approach to Teaching and Learning can be found in our Teaching and Learning Policy. Click here to take a look!