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The PTA runs a number of different events throughout the school year to raise fund which helps our school  fund particular projects, school trips coaches and new equipment to name but a few.  All of which, we hope, help towards our children receiving a rounded and varied experience at St Johns.

We received this email  from Mrs Rosevere, now in OWLS class, regarding the Science workshops which the PTA helped to fund last school year

 "During the summer term, the children in Key Stage 1 were treated to a series of science workshops, run by the scientist known as “Molecular Bond” from Fizz – Pop Science.

“MB”, as he was happy to be known, enthused the children with his knowledge and interest in all things scientific. In the first session we learnt about the digestive system, using Weetabix and a series of clear plastic bags, adding “saliva” and “enzymes” to understand what happens to food as it enters our mouth and goes through our intestines, right through to the very end!  The following week, we learnt about germs and what we can do to help prevent us getting ill; we learnt that washing our hands was vital – using a UV light to show dirt on our hands and shoes.  We also learnt about how light travels, using talcum powder and a torch to show that light travels in a straight line. We made our own light reactive bracelets to take home. We then learnt about taste and how it can be affected by our other senses – sight and smell! We made sherbet to experience a variety of taste sensations.


In our final week we “graduated” we made buzzing sound whistles and were given our special light refracting glasses so we could see rainbows. The children all learnt a great deal and had lots of fun with these interactive, hands on workshops.

I would like to thank the PTA for their contribution that made these workshops affordable. We could not have run them without their support."


Mrs Fran Rosevere



Second hand Uniform Sale

 We are looking for a couple of extra willing volunteers to come and help with the uniform sale. Could you help to sort, fold and organise our stock a few days beforehand? Could you help to set up, run and pack away on the day?

We run the stall just 3 or 4 times a year and would love a bit of extra help. If you could offer a lending hand or you would like to find out more please contact me.

stephanie@frankums.net/ 01225 352420