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Starting School In September


Induction sessions: At St John’s, we recognise what an important and exciting time it is when your child first starts school. Therefore we aim to ensure that your child’s transition to school is as smooth as possible.

Prior to meeting your child, we will contact their nursery to find out a little about them, and try to visit as many nurseries as possible. To support you and your child with starting at school we organise a series of informal induction sessions during the Summer Term (June to July).

These sessions allow you to meet members of the staff, PTA and pupils and will ensure that your child’s first experiences of school are enjoyable, relaxed and happy. During these sessions your child will have the opportunity to visit and play in the reception classes. These ‘Stay and Play’ activities wil

l allow the children to meet each other and begin to make friends. These sessions also give you the chance to meet other parents. We also organise a Parents’ Information Evening, to allow you to meet the EYFS staff and find out more about life at St John’s. On the final transition day, your child will attend either a morning or afternoon session in their allocated class.

September Induction: For the first two or three weeks in September, your child will attend either a morning or afternoon session every day in their allocated class. Over the course of these induction weeks, they will attend a mixture of morning and afternoon sessions so that they experience all aspects of the school day. This gradual entry ensures that they learn the classroom routines and get to know the members of staff as part of a smaller group, before the whole class attend together on a full time basis.

Parents’ AtoZ: Please click here below for an AtoZ of information about everything you could possibly want to know about Reception at St John’s!