St. John's Catholic Primary School

Oldfield Lane, Bath, Avon, BA2 3NR

01225 303990

With You Beside Me All Is Possible


 Our Vision - A Unique School


St. John’s School is a learning community with a Catholic ethos founded on Gospel values.  Through religious education, our prayer life and the general life of the school, our young people will be prepared to serve as witnesses to moral and spiritual values in the wider world:-


Children and adults are seen as made in God’s image. Everyone in the

School is encouraged to fulfil their unique role in creation. We recognise, develop

and value every person – celebrating and encouraging their individual talents;


Christ-centred morality is central – “Love God and love one another”


Children and adults are supported to flourish - feeling happy, secure and loved;

enabled to give of their best;


An holistic approach is central to our raison-d’etre - the mental, physical, emotional,

spiritual, moral, cultural and social growth of each child is encouraged to develop to

full potential;


Together, we aim for excellence (achievement in all areas);


Children and adults feel a sense of dignity and self-worth. To embed this inclusive

approach, we act and listen, valuing the dignity of everyone and treating them fairly;


Success is celebrated and is a frequent experience;


In partnership with home and parish, we prepare our children for their lives as

good citizens in the world community.



Characteristics needed to ensure our vision is achieved




  • “Love God and love one another”
  • make Christ’s example and teaching central to our lives and the guiding principles of our Catholic Christian school
  • promote Bishop Declan’s priorities to “deepen prayer, enable communion and strengthen mission”
  • share high quality liturgy, sacramental life, and collective worship
  • pray together regularly with pupils leading often
  • see our curriculum through the lens of faith
  • support all in our community on their spiritual journey
  • respect other faiths (the freedom to chose other faiths and beliefs is protected in law)
  • have a consistent focus on the whole person and their innate worth
  • commit to the common good
  • develop our social and moral conscience guided by the social teaching of the Catholic Church
  • support courtesy, self-respect and love for others
  • celebrate faithfulness and integrity





  • profound and respectful understanding of other cultures and traditions
  • celebrate the multi-ethnic nature of our community
  • undertake a global project in each phase yearly
  • encourage awareness in our whole community of injustices in the world
  • make active our commitment to truth and justice
  • promote charitable work and active participation in our community
  • embed deep support for our environment and encourage awe and wonder in God’s creation
  • promote democratic values
  • invite active participation in the life of the whole community
  • have clear behaviour, expectations and policies, encouraging the rule of law





  • all are encouraged to learn and aspire to do their best
  • our school culture promotes and encourages excellence in all things
  • our ethos develops resilience in the face of difficulty
  • our community celebrates individual effort, progress and high attainment
  • opportunity is provided for all to use their many gifts for enrichment and personal growth
  • “learning to learn” skills are encouraged throughout the school
  • challenge and support are high to help us achieve beyond our expectations




  • consistent promotion of the dignity of every person
  • commitment in all ways to tolerance and peaceful respect
  • teach and support reconciliation
  • encourage and promote equality and diversity/challenge discrimination
  • promote respect for others and self-respect
  • embrace and celebrate an holistic approach which allows all to succeed    





I am unique,

In the eyes of God.

All seeing, all knowing, all loving,

He embraces our family,

Parish, parent, child,

All one with you.

I am of the world,

With the seeds of excellence within me,

Encouraged to grow and flourish,

To a spiritual fulfilment.

I am unique,

And with you beside me,

All is possible.