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Our Approach to Teaching and Learning

We have a two year rolling programme which ensures a rich and engaging curriculum for our children.  These are our themes for 2018 - 2019. 


2017/2018 Theme
Term 4 - A Drop in the Ocean A Drop in the Ocean - This is an environmental topic.  The children will learn about looking after our world and everyone making small changes can have an impact on our world.  This will develop the children' understanding of our use of plastics, water, energy, all at an age appropriate level.  We will teach the children about 'Laudato Si' Pope Francis' letter to us all about caring for our common home. 
Term 5 - Blank Canvas Blank Canvas - this is an Art based unit. More information to follow soon.
Term 6 - It's a Wonderful World! It's a Wonderful World - Linking with the World Cup, the children will complete a project called 'Through the Window' learn about different countries and cultures around the world.  


Term One- Tell Me a Story! Tell me a Story - This will be an English based unit, inspiring children's writing.  The children will all go to the Bath Literature Festival and write their own short stories. 
Term Two - Can We Build It? Can we build it? This is a History and Design Technology based unit. The children will explore different time periods in History and make their own projects linking with the time period that they are studying in class.
Term Three - Let Me Entertain You! Let Me Entertain You! This is a Music and PE based unit where the children will celebrate their own uniqueness and their talents.
Term Four - Journeys Journeys - This is a Geography based unit where the children will learn about different places around the world.  Each class will learn about a special place of Pilgrimage and how a pilgrimage is a spiritual journey as well as a physical journey. 
Term Five - Nature Detectives Nature Detectives - This is a Science based unit where the children will become detectives, searching for nature and learning Science skills relative to their age. 
Term Six - Enterprise Enterprise - This is a Maths based unit where the children will learn about Money.  This will be linked with an ethical enterprise competition. 


Our Approach to Teaching and Learning can be found in our Teaching and Learning Policy. Click here to take a look!


Longterm Curriculum Plans

Here are our longterm curriculum plans which link to the above two year rolling programme. 

Art and Design Technology Year 5 and 6

Art and Design Technology Year 3 and 4

Art and Design Year 1 and 2

Computing Year 3 and 4

Computing Year 1 and 2

Design and Technology Year 1 and 2

Geography Year 5 and 6

Geography Year 3 and 4

Geography Year 1 and 2

History Year 5 and 6

History Year 3 and 4

History Year 1 and 2

Music Year 1 and 2

RE Year 1 and 2

RE Year 3 and 4

RE Year 5 and 6

Science Year 5 and 6

Science Year 3 and 4

Science Year 1 and 2