With You Beside Me All Is Possible


Class teacher: Miss E Holland


Welcome Hedgehog class 2018



Welcome to Hedgehog class! The children are settling into their first year at school really well and we are all very excited about the adventures we will have together this year!

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Dear Parent/Carers

Welcome to our dedicated class page! Whenever we have got anything we would like share - photographs, letters, exciting work we are doing - we'll put it on our page.



Project Letter

It's a Wonderful World



Project Letter

Blank Canvas- Patterns in Nature


The Hedgehogs have been using the pans and trays to create their own drum kits. We have some very talented musicians (I'm sure the neighbors would agree)!!

The Hedgehogs went on a school trip to Westonbirt, we had so much fun playing and creating in the woods!

The Hedgehogs have been investigating... these girls are trying to create a boat using the Lego. They tested the boat in the water and amazingly it was able to stay afloat even with a few passengers on board!

The Hedgehogs have been thinking about some of the things that happened during Holy Week. They retold the story by acting out some parts of it...can you guess which part this is?

As part of our project we thought we would have a look at how we are looking after our local area. The children were shocked to find so much litter in and around our school. We found a path of litter that led us to the River Avon!

Some of the Hedgehogs have been thinking about some of the wildlife that will be "waking up soon"...they designed a shelter and started to build it for some of the animals that may still be a "little bit cold". This links nicely to our project as we have being thinking about ways in which we can care for our 'common home' and we are lucky to be surrounded but such amazing wildlife, so we want to look after it!

These girls made some invitations for guests to join them at their tea party...they then had super fun acting out their party in the role play corner.

The Hedgehogs have enjoyed designing and making their own dens using the outdoor building equipment!

The Hedgehogs and the Ducklings have been learning about how to stay safe near the road...they even got the chance to put some of the things they have learnt into action.



The Hedgehogs gathered together around the fire pit to take part in an Advent reconciliation service. We used the time to think of things that we were sorry for.

Some of the Hedgehogs have been thinking of ways in which they can stay warm during these chilly weather conditions. These children have used the mud kitchen to create a delicious 'warm wood stew' .


Project Letter


Parents' workshop - Phonics

Guide to Assessment in EYFS


We have been very busy in our first term at school...

We love getting outside in the garden!
We love getting outside in the garden!

Some of the Hedgehogs have been building a shelter to cover our mud kitchen. The boys decided that they needed a long rope to pull the shelter up higher...we love team work in the Hedgehogs so we are all helping each other to untangle the rope!

Collective Worship
Collective Worship

The Hedgehogs have enjoyed the opportunity to worship together. In this photo a Hedgehog is leading the class in prayer... she thought of one herself and decided to share it with the class...

Dear God,

Thank you for all creations

Especially the birds

They were a great idea

Well done!


Colour Carnival!
Colour Carnival!

After a term full of hard work the children finished with our own 'Colour Carnival'. They celebrated by dressing in the most colourful clothing they had and taking part in lots of fun activities!

Well done HEDGEHOGS!!